AI content personalization is one of the more recent and popular use cases of artificial intelligence.

AI content personalization

AI content personalization is one of the more recent and popular use cases of artificial intelligence. It uses artificial intelligence to show the readers, website visitors, or prospects the right content at the right time based on the kind of content they consumed in the past.

Let’s take Netflix as an example.

Whenever you log in to Netflix, it shows you recommendations on what to watch next. These recommendations are so personalized that it almost seems like Netflix has read your mind. It’s no magic. Those recommendations are based on your behavior — based on the kind of movies and TV shows you have been watching. When done right, these recommendations become highly personalized. It not only delights you but also helps you discover new (and relevant) content that you might not have otherwise found on your own.

In your marketing, you can use AI to personalize content and show site visitor articles, videos, or other kinds of content that they might enjoy or need next — all this based on how they’ve interacted or engaged with your brand or website in the past. 

By doing this, you can increase your brand experience; you can move prospects through the sales funnel and keep visitors engaged. 

Why AI content personalization?

Everyone consumes content online today. We also know that companies that create engaging and helpful content win an exceedingly huge amount of engagement, conversion, and credibility. 

However, we have no idea what content people want. Most content strategies depend on limited data or trust their gut feeling to determine what their target audience wants to consume. 

That’s a common problem. Many of our traditional 

marketing technologies have a tough time giving us a complete view of each visitor’s content consumption or making sense of the data. 

We have more insights today than we did a decade ago. But many marketing teams are hard-pressed to say they know precisely what each visitor out of 1000s wants to read the moment they land on your website for the second, third or nth time.

That’s where AI comes in. AI models are fast at extracting insights from massive datasets, often in real-time. With the right data, the AI model can predict what type of content a returning website visitor is most likely to read, watch, or listen, based on the visitor’s historical data.

That’s a decisive advantage for a brand that relies on content to attract, engage, and convert audiences. 

What’s more, the best AI systems get better as more data comes into the system. The more content people consume, the more data you end up having. It, in turn, enables the AI system to learn and become smarter. 

How does an AI content personalization system work? 

An AI content personalization system practically reads all the text and other metadata related to the content to spot what it’s about, how long it’s, and what format it’s in. It then classifies all of it by labeling it with different topics. Much of this is often driven by AI. But, counting on the answer, a significant amount of human work can also be needed to coordinate labels and feed the machine system information.

The system’s AI classifies all this data, then learns on its own what to look for within the data. From there, using several sophisticated machine learning models and techniques, the system determines what content to recommend to every site visitor, including modeling how content topics relate to at least one another.

How much setup do AI content personalization tools require?

It depends on the AI content personalization system. However, there’s usually some upfront work for teams to set the tool up and start using it. You must add all of your content to the tool. Onboarding your team to use the tool once it’s making recommendations also takes time. Not to mention, getting these sorts of systems trained for your particular company and your internal compliance needs can vary wildly.

However, once found out, the most straightforward systems eliminate the necessity for manual personalization because they automate 1:1 personalization in real-time. They also offer intuitive interfaces and functionality that make deploying new recommendations or reporting on performance the work of a couple of minutes or, at most, a couple of hours.

Brainalyzed Insight is one tool that can help you build AI content personalization for your brand. It uses AI on your B2B website to create a truly personalized experience, which buyers demand. Use it to understand your content, tag, and sort it. Then, leverage that organized treasure trove of information to hyper-personalized recommendations for each B2B buyer that visits your site. 

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