Brainalyzed Insight for Telecom

Harness the power of AI to promote operational efficiency

Reimagine the maintenance process in telecom with AI

 As networks expand and become more complex, network operators and managed services companies in the telecom industry face issues with network maintenance and performance. 5G and IoT only add to the ever-increasing complexity of the network.

Brainalyzed Insight is helping operators explore AI as a potential solution for network monitoring and maintenance.    

Implement predictive maintenance in telecom


Reduce maintenance costs and downtime


Improve revenue and customer relations


Extend equipment life

Brainalyzed Insight helps sustain and improve network performance and maintenance in telecom

Increased complexity in network and its associated applications require increased network automation and agility. With the move to 5G, abstraction in network design will complicate correlation analysis. All of this negatively impacts your revenue, operation and maintenance costs, and customer relationships. 

Brainalyzed Insight’s AI- and ML-based solution helps you solve these challenges in a multi-domain, multi-technology, and multi-vendor environment by:


Detecting network operation issues such as faults, base station sensors, etc.


Diagnosing root causes, correlating data across multiple event sources, and filtering out false signals to run smooth network operations.


Identifying correlations between alarms that went undetected in the past to prevent issues from recurring in the future.


Using classification to prioritise alarms and predict future incidents.

Business continuity

Introducing new AI technology without disrupting workflow and maintaining business continuity.

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