Manual anomaly detection isn’t effective anymore

Learn how Brainalyzed Insight can help you build the greater railway network.

As the rail industry grows and passenger numbers boom, the rail industry appears to be in pretty robust health. It may hold true to a certain extent. The important questions to ask right now — how do you increase capacity? How do you ensure the railway industry keeps pace with a fast-moving, technology-savvy world?

There is no way around AI and machine learning (ML) anymore, in railways. AI offers the greatest leverage to meet growing challenges in this industry.

Managing all aspects such as growing passenger numbers, complex route networks, tightly scheduled timetables, the coexistence of passenger and freight traffic side by side are some of the growing challenges. This is difficult to achieve due to challenges with integration of various systems such as signaling, telecom, operation, rolling stock, electrical, information technology, traffic, infrastructure, etc.

With Brainalyzed Insight you can

  • Make sense of big data and keep up with the fast-paced railway networks
  • Identify sophisticated threats and irregularities in advance to extend asset life
  • Predict unplanned downtime accurately to increase staff productivity
  • Reduce operation costs, increase revenue, and deliver customer excellence