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Manage your portfolio using Brainalyzed Insight’s easy-to-use AI platform that transforms data into better investment decisions.


Here’s why portfolio management firms choose us

“We at Baloise Asset Management have developed a great partnership with Brainalyzed. Their dedication to the project is outstanding. One of the key reasons for us to choose Brainalyzed is their unique platform that allows us to tailor the AI swarm models close to what we have in mind and what we want to achieve. It provides us with the right insights, keeping up with the market trends, and helping us stay ahead of the curve.”
stephan kamps
Stephan Kamps
Head of Portfolio Management

Reimagine portfolio management and investment possibilities with artificial intelligence

Drag-drop investment strategy builder

Use our intuitive drag-drop interface to build your own AI-powered strategy in minutes without writing even a single line of code.

Optimize your investment strategies

Make sure that your investment strategies can adapt to any market conditions by backtesting and optimizing it using historical data.

Become a strategic stock market investor

Our powerful AI-powered trading platform lets you predict stock market movements with highest accuracy.

Manage a wide range of assets

Build and trade your AI strategies over wide range of assets such as stocks, crypto currency, bitcoin, forex, etc.

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